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Gorillaz – Demon Days : Album number 2 for the cartoon dream team, complete with collaborations here there and everywhere. Particularly loving DARE (feat Shaun Ryder) and Fire Coming Out of A Monkey’s Head (feat Bill Murray).

Black Books : Not seen originally on television, I’ve been watching the first series of the Dylan Moran/Bill Bailey comedy over the last few weeks, and I love it. I hated Dylan Moran in Shaun of the Dead (first time I’d come across him) but am now slowly falling in love with Mr Bernard Black. Is that wrong?

Bob Mortimer : Is that wronger? Oh come on, he’s super hot, particularly in the highly underated, fantastic, reworking of Randall & Hopkirk. Mmm i’ve gone all daydreamy 🙂

5 thoughts on “Karinski.net is currently loving

  1. Gorillaz – Brilliant. Might even tide me over til Graham rejoins Blur. I hope. Sniff.

    Black Books – It’s ace! And actually gets better, if you fancy investing in the later series. I turned to it when I’d watched Spaced to death, and it made me feel better.

    Bob? Always more of a Vic man myself.

    “Bob, have you farted?”
    “What, not ever?”

  2. Oooh no. Vic is just *shuddersome*. I’ve failed to see any of their standup and as a youngun never really ‘got’ shooting stars.. maybe i need to try to watch some again.

  3. It’s Dennis Hopper, not Bill Murray on “Fire Coming Out of the Monkey’s Head” innit?

  4. Bill Murray would’ve been cool! But i guess he’s more ghosts than zombies. Oh well. Maybe next time. Someone should mention it to Damon.

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