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At university I was the main mainstream DJ for my final two years.   I loved it.  There is nothing better than the rush you get when playing music to people and seeing them enjoy it.  And when you can throw in some new stuff and gradually make them love it, it’s even better.

Since leaving uni I’ve missed my DJing a lot.   Given I used to work maybe 2 or 3 times a week, to go to nothing is pants!  I’ve done a set at Edinburgh Uni & City Uni since, but still it’s not the same and I was all rushed and paniccy.

Anyway a few weeks ago J & I were at Miss-Shapes, a pop/indie night at Ghetto in London, which is run by the same people who bring us Popstarz every Friday night.   There was a sign saying one of the DJs was going away for 3 months and they were auditioning for new DJs last night at Trash Palace.

So along we went and we got some very favourable comments.  Rather bizarrely most people auditioning didn’t seem to stick to the music policy and were playing stuff that was far too obscure or cool.

Anyway this was our playlist:

Kelly Osbourne – One Word (trust me I know it sounds wrong but its very good)
Bloc Party – Banquet
Amerie – 1 Thing
Kaiser Chiefs – Every Day I Love You Less & Less
Le Tigre – TKO
The Stranglers – All day and all of the night
Skunk Anansie – Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
Girls Aloud – No Good Advice
Beck – Sexx Laws

Fingers crossed 🙂

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  1. Hey lady, glad to hear it went well! Completly forgot thats what you guys were upto /slaps forehead. Hope you get it, good luck! xx

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