Written a few weeks ago for somewhere else.  This is music I’m enjoying lots at the moment (or was a few weeks ago, now it’s all about Odyssey baby!).

Le Tigre – My housemate was worryingly obsessive about these
last year and saw them do a PA at Popstarz in London but didn’t really
pay much attention (robbie williams was standing next to me and no one
else had noticed him!!). Anyway they are 3 girls doing a whole feminist
Riot Grrrl thing. And it’s good. I saw them again at Barfly a few weeks
ago and they were awesome. To start with try their cover of I’m So Excited, Deceptacon and On the Verge

The Arcade Fire
– Heard the album last November and really liked it. They are a
Canadian ecletic indie 4 piece selling out anything they release gig
wise over here in the UK, but I managed to catch them at ULU a couple
of weeks ago, and the show was pretty wild, energetic and spectacular.
The album ‘Funeral’ came out two weeks ago. Try Rebellion(lies).

Hard-FI – I’ve only heard 3 tracks, but these guys add a bit of X factor to indie rock that is making me sit up and take notice.  Try Cash Machine or Tied Up Too Tight both of which you’ll have probably heard on Huw or Zane recently…

Out Hud
– Half of this group make up punkpop outfit !!!. Out Hud have a more
dancy sound and are on Kranky records. An mp3 blog alerted me to their
prescene and i’ve been hooked ever since. Their live shows are meant to
be amazing and they are playing Club NME at Koko in Camden on April
29th. Try
How Long … it’s mega!

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