Out Hud

I’ve been reading Music for Robots a lot recently.  This mp3 blog is always full of great tracks, and it introduced me to a band called Out Hud.  Maybe I’m really behind the times and you have all heard of them before, but this was the first time I had come across them.  I managed to hear two tracks off their forthcoming album Let Us Never Speak of This AgainHow Long and It’s For You.  How Long really really stood out to me and off I trundled to buy the album.  It came out on Monday but play recently seem to have lost the plot on deliveries so who knows when I will get it.

3 of the members of Out Hud are also in punky band !!! who I saw at Reading last year.  I’ve got their album but not really listened to it much.  Out Hud are a much dancier version though (or at least the 2 tracks I have are).

I love how crazy All Music‘s descriptions of acts are.  When I’m not wanting to gauge my eyes out from how slow the site is, I can often be found rolling around on my floor laughing my ass off at it.  Mmmm.  Anyway allmusic describes the band as

  • Restrained
  • Playful
  • Plaintive
  • Anxious
  • Complex
  • Clinical
  • Boisterous

Nice!  When play deliveres I shall tell you which of these it fits!

MfR also mentioned how they were the best live act he had ever seen.  And this is my main point.  They are, to my delight, playing at Koko (god how much of a radio geek am I that that venue name always makes me giggle – you will understand if you ever heard the koko.koko.koko.com song. Oh dear.) at Club NME sometime in April.   So you should go and experience some great music!  Just don’t buy all the tickets because I need some too!

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