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This Thursday at Koko  (*snork*) sees a Eat your own ears event.

The lineup is

Live: Tom Vek, Electric Soft Parade (RANDOM!), Hot Chip, Whitey, The Beat Up, Park Attack and Deaf Stereo.

Then DJing: Richard X, Optimo, Druzzis’ Nathan Gregory Wilkings & Ben Rhymer, Paul Epworth, Filthy Dukes, Eat your own ears DJs and Our Disco Djs

I’ve seen Optimo twice now.  One was for their album launch night at The Cock @ Ghetto which was really really amazing.  The music was very electo and the whole atmosphere was just dirty, filthy sex.  The second time was at the  very dark coked up punters orgy that was Our Disco on friday night (read more about that here)  where they played a much older sounding set, with surf guitars a plenty.   Anyway seeing them again will be good, particularly as it’s in a much larger venue.  And I’ve been wanting to see Richard X for yonks!

The second thing I am very much looking forward to in my musical calender is Fabric Live at Fabric, one of the weeks in April.   Jacques Le Cont is playing alongside Etienne De Crecy in Room 1.  Fabric is probably my favourite venue in London.  The layout is amazing and the music is always great.  I saw Jacques Le Cont there in December alongside Soulwax, Mylo & DJ Yoda to name but a few.  The lineup that night was amazing, but being the friday before Xmas, it was an absolute nightmare to get in.  Even in the guestlist queue we were outside for nearly an hour.   And then to top it all off both J & I were really weary and got very sleepy at about 1.30.  So sleepy that we went home which was a major disappointment.

So this time it will be different.  Hopefully J will take the pm off work and I probabably won’t be in either.   We will get there early and Red Bull ourselves to the max.  If you haven’t heard of Jacques Le Cont, he does a lot of remixes of chart hits as well as being the force behind Les Rhythms Digitales and a new project Juliet whose single Avalon you may have heard.

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