This week’s big releases…

       and it’s all about the


Tipped by the
music industry as the number 1 act to watch this year, The Bravery give us their debut single Honest Mistake.  Think a more New Order-y version of the
Killers and you’re not far off.  This indie disco stonker will be getting
you on the dancefloor of your local club in no time at all.

And from the cool to what we might expect to be the downright dull. The Stereophonics are back. 
Unexpectedly casting aside the horror of the last two albums, they’ve leapt on
the current trends and brought us the 80s synthesised sound of Dakota. It’s this week’s tune
you’ll hate to love.

Ms Spears is the second best female this week.  The
video for Do Somethin’ sees her
riding high with a flying car, pink guitar and a girly rock band. It’s a dirty, sleazy track, but it’s sure as
hell fun to dance and to do your best trailer trash Britney impression to.

Top prizes, this week however, go to our favourite Norwegian pop princess, Annie.  She’s back
with Heartbeat, the 2nd single from the delightful Anniemal.  This
infectious piece of detached electro disco happily bounces along, and her curiously endearing, accent gives it that
added X factor.

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Meh.

    Agree with Sterophonics new tune. Dunno when they got good but at least they did. Only took eight years.

    Unsure on The Bravery. Not bringing owt new to the table, but then Scissor Sisters sound like Supertramp. Apparently. And I like them.

  2. God bless Annie. Heartbeat is the best pop song I’ve heard all year. Makes me want to hug the entire dancefloor! I’ve glued the album to my ears to save time.

    Still think the Stereophonics suck though, sorry. One swallow doesn’t make a summer.

    I got the Bravery single cos it was only a quid or something. And it got stuck in my brain thanks to listening to XFM whilst cleaning our old flat, and since it took us 10 hours, we heard it several times, along with the Futureheads and a lot of the Killers. Indie Rock n Roll indeed.

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