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I realise that I have neglected to mention a couple of bands that we have seen recently, all of which are bubbling on the verge of being known by most people. So I just want to point out I saw them first 🙂 and encourage you to buy their work.

The Go! Team are a 6 piece (I think, there’s a lot of them on stage) who released a great album – Thunder Lightning Strike late last year. We first heard them at Buttoned Down Disco via the, rather more expensive than just asking the dj, route of Shazam!. Dearest J then toddled off and bought the album and released a whole gaggle of excitedness on us by playing everyone an excellent track off the album ‘Bottle Rocket’. This was said track that we had heard at BDD. It also transpired that BBC Radio 1 were using another track ‘Ladyflash’ on their In New Music We Trust adverts.

So earlier in January, we took our asses down to the 100 club on Oxford Street to the Go! Team’s sold out headlining London date.

The sound was a bit pap, but the energy and the tracks were there, and it was good. Ricky can say it much better than me over at BBC London online.

And that review also tells you about the 2nd of 3 great acts I’m championing at the moment – the Pipettes – 3 young, provative, polka dot outfitted young ladies doing the Shangri Las in the naughties. Practically every male I saw them with hasn’t stopped blathering about them since the gig. The brunette is indeed insanely hot.

Basically if you get chance to catch the Pipettes anywhere then do. They are the whole package, and I can’t wait to get my hands on an album when it comes out. Huw played one of their tracks on One Music a few weeks ago, so keep an ear out. [You can hear a few tracks in ear raping quality on their website.]

And finally Client. Client are Sarah from Dubstar and Alan McGee’s wife, a two piece vaguely homoerotic electro outfit. They aren’t new, but two albums into their life. I first heard them, I think, on the Essential Selection when Mr Tong rolled out ‘Radio’. I tongue wagged a bit about this to J but we didn’t really chase it up. Then we visited the Notting Hill Arts Centre’s ‘Death Disco’ (which is run by Alan McGee) and after about 20 Libertines songs in 2 hours, J raced to Shazam and it turned out we had heard Client – Pornography (predictably feat a Libertine (Mr Barat)). This track went on to chart at number 22 in January in the Official Singles Chart, and the album became a firm favourite in our house.

We finally got to see them last week at Koko in Camden, and they were great.

So… go forth and seek out new music from The Go! Team, The Pipettes and Client.


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