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So as I keep saying, my top image is wrong. I don’t do student radio (really) anymore, and I don’t do union politics. I am sure new flatmate L will help me with it very soon.

However some quick things:

My old student radio station RaW goes onto FM for a month next Monday. Things seem OKish back there, although there are certainly a few unhelpful people from what I hear, but I’m giving them a hand by making the test transmission, in this my week off.

I turn 23 next week. I don’t really want to. I’d like to be 21 or 24. 23 just sounds a bit pants.

Old union wise – elections are in full force. Good luck to my friends Nick, Ben & Stu who are running for stuff.

I am sneezy and have a runny nose. Bum.

I got 2 pairs of boots from Harrods at the weekend. Harrods I hear you cry in shock? Well yes, but it was the last day of the sale, so they were remarkably reduced + a final day 20% extra off. A swanky pair of Miss Sixty wellies for summer festivals, and a weird urban DKNY boot is in lounge looking hunky.

Richard Bacon is going to be presenting a clips style breakfast show on BBC7. I used to work there, but chose not to anymore. Now I’m annoyed because I’ve missed out on potential seducing Richard Bacon scenarios. Dammit.

Jono Coleman has been dumped from Heart 106.2’s breakfast show in a move that left me saying “Oh my god!” in a Vince (QAF) way for a few minutes. To be replaced by Mr Jamie Theakston. The core audience are going to be swooning all over the shop.

End of brain dump!

One thought on “Out of date

  1. 23 is a great age! It’s the only age that you can sing along to Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ and really mean it:

    “I’m twenty-three now, but will I live to see twenty-four?
    The way things are going I don’t know!”

    Say it with real conviction before you get to 24, and then you can never say the words again. I’m looking forward to 27, the year of rock star death. That’ll be fun. If I can survive that, then it’s downhill all the way to 30…

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