We will mock you

A few days ago I was remarking to my housemate, that if there is such a thing as the afterlife, and people can look down from above as to what’s going on, Freddie Mercury must be having a good old giggle at his giant ‘statue’ on Tottenham Court Road above the theatre showing the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’.

Today we flicked between music channels and came across the great video for ‘I want to break free’ (how adorable a girl does Roger Taylor make in that video by the way 🙂 and housemate J started telling me about how some people really really hate queen, not because of their music, but because they were one of very few British bands to accept invites to aparthied South Africa and perform for a white only audience. Now I know very little about the old South Africa, but the Guardian coincidentally published an article about Queen & SA yesterday. They speak of the Live Aid DVD and how seeing Queen shaking their thang for third world poverty seemed a complete hypocrisy at the time.

An interesting read anyway, for those babies (like me) amongst us who are too young to remember.

Link: Queen in the Stone Age : Guardian

2 thoughts on “We will mock you

  1. Yeah, interesting stuff isn’t it? Leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, which is a sad thing. I enjoy Queen’s music a lot, but you can’t help wondering whether the sins of the artist affect the purity of the music. Something we might well be discussing a few months down the line about a certain Mr Jackson…

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